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  • Custom massage for everyone
  • I will create a custom massage tailored to your needs. Whether its pain relief, stress reduction, or pure relaxation, I will create a massage environment just for you.Darrell RubleeDarrells Therapeutic MassageAuburn
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  • Genuine Thai Massage
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    The belief in the power of touch is the foundation of the Thai Massage. Because of that belief, my massage therapy mission is to offer a quality by a caring and desire to make a positive impact in people’s lives to be successful.

    My Massage therapy is also performed for a variety of reasons, including pain treatment, decompressing tired and overworked muscles, reducing stress, rehabilitating sports injuries, and promoting general health.

    Provide you a full body Thai massage with six pressure points, point to point, and oils in special Thai ancient and modern techniques combination. It's a real nice relaxing and healing therapy; and not let down experience assurance.

    》》》》》》Thai massage《《《《《《

    Thai massage works your entire body. It's one of the most invigorating types of massages, as the therapist rigorously manipulates your body, moving it into yoga-like stretches. (It's sometimes referred to as "Yoga for the lazy".) The therapist uses every part of his or her body--hands, knees, legs, and feet--to not only stretch you but also apply pressure on your muscles and loosen your joints. This type of massage is both energizing and, at times, relaxing.

    Best for: Improving energy, increased flexibility, overall health and well-being.
    Gabe Best Authentic Thai Massage Houston
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  • Antonio Massage Therapy.
  • Strong hands With a Tender Touch.

    My massage is an integration of different techniques and modalities combining different strokes, and trigger points, adjusting pressure to the clients needs to make it a more efficient work.

    My work is therapeutic and relaxing. The work is done on a table or matt with unscented oil in a clean and safe environment. All bodies are welcome there is no discrimination on my table... My intention is to tune your body to the right frequency, looking beyond the physical, emotional, and mental limitations.

    AntonioNew York
  • John Fullgraf Licensed Massage Therapy.
  • Welcome to John Fullgraf Licensed Massage Therapy.

    With my 10 years of massage therapy experience, I provide a massage that is tailored to your specific needs whether they be therapeutic in nature or just the need for total relaxation.

    I am a nationally certified massage therapist and a member of the AMTA.

    All are welcome, men, women, and couples whether straight, gay, or bi to my professional studio space located in the heart of the 4th Street business district near downtown St Petersburg Florida.

    John Fullgraf
  • Stimulating your body to relieve tension and stress.
  • Body Guru has been giving massage eleven years.

    I offer our services to both women and men, of all orientations.

    I offer a long and very deeply relaxing, medium pressure level.

    Draping is optional.

    I have been trained in and have developed over several years a multi-sense massage that is far beyond that a simple touch of skin and tissue massage. The message will both and relax you feeling brand new.

    I offer several levels of service and serval lengths of time. Including 60, 90, and 120 minutes.

    Our session together can be used to improve the outlook on life, let go of pain and allow the body to help heal itself. Touch, Warmth Pressure, Love, Caring and Listening are we Skills Used
    We have helped change people's lives since they can accept being hugged and held by another person. They say that they can see the world in an entirely different light.
    We work with you on what your needs are.

    We offer increasing levels of touch and closeness.
    See web page for pricing of each level

    Sports and Therapeutic:
    Level 1) Intro Massage
    Level 2) Therapeutic

    Relaxing and Meditative
    Level 3) Lightly Relaxing
    Level 4) Deeply Relaxing

    Life Coaching:

    Is your life out of alignment?
    Are parts of your life going well, but other parts are not going well as all?

    If yes, you will benefit from Life Coaching.

    We can offer packages of Life Coaching to you.
    Body Guru For YouRaleigh
  • Massage by Kris
  • Kris Matela, MA-0024385 is a Nationally Certified and licensed Florida Massage Therapist. In 1997, he graduated from Florida College of Natural Health in Orlando, Florida, where he majored in Advanced Therapeutic Massage. In addition to his college education, Kris received extensive training in Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Structural Alignment Therapy.

    Kris Matela is a member of the American Sports Massage Team and is certified in St. John Neuromuscular Therapy. For the past 18 years, Kris has been the owner of Muscular Therapy Clinic in Lake Mary, where he specializes in the clinical treatment of various musculoskeletal distortions.

    He has also worked internationally as a consultant for Six Senses Destination Resorts & Spa.

    "Massage Therapy can break the cycle of spasm and pain, decreasing both."
    (Robert Leach, MD, Chairman, Department of Orthopedics, Boston University School of Medicine)

    "Today Massage Therapy is an integral part of physical therapy, sports medicine, and nursing care. It is also becoming more and more accepted as a simple means for healthy people to relieve emotional stress, relax and just feel good."
    (Mayo Clinic Health Letter, May 1993, p. 7)

    "Massage Therapy is better than a good tranquilizer, and serves as a very helpful adjunct to other therapies."
    (Willibald Nagler, MD Head of Rehabilitation Medivine, Cornell Medical Center)
    Kris MatelaLake Mary
  • Men's Relaxing Massage Sessions * Curious or Mature Welcome
  • Thanks for stopping by...Sam! Have you been looking to book your first relaxing male massage. Text, call (if no answer, leave a message, I'm probably in a session) or email, to discuss what's on your mind, massage or cuddling, book your session soon!
    NO DISCRIMINATION: Welcome 20 to 75 years old, all races, body types, body shapes, younger, mature and college guys! I'm a very friendly, discreet, down-to-earth male who enjoys meeting new people, helping them relax and enjoy their session!.
    Remember life is about: Living, Growing and Exploring. You have come to the right place for information; explore yourself, and who you are. Don't let this opportunity pass you by.
    Have you have been thinking of getting a massage treatment by an experienced male masseur/therapist for a sometime, but may be nervous, shy and don't know what to expect during your session? Are you lacking attention at home? Do you think you're too old or your body is out of shape?
    In reality you’re not alone; so many people think the same thing! Many (male/females) are in the "wondering process" stage. I do many massages on “first-timers” of all ages! Afterwards, they feel relaxed, well rested and are anxious to book their following appointment. Clients are treated with the utmost respect.
    QUALITY/PERSONAL TIME: May be you need to spend time with a guy, talk about things, get personal questions answered, may be grab something to eat, coffee and chat. Ask for more details!
    Mission Statement:
    To maintain a professional friendly atmosphere and massage session
    To be a compassionate and make every client feel like a VIP To provide a friendly massage experience, to people of all ages, races and body types
    To ensure that all clients feel safe while exploring themselves discreetly in a private location To make sure every client’s massage session is an a enjoyable experience that will help release stress and tension
    > Light, Medium and Blended Pressure on Massage Table
    > DEEP Pressure on Massage Table, add $10.00 to the prices.
    > Credit Cards have a 5% Surcharge
    Approximately 20 to 30 minutes from Downtown Dallas, Garland, Heath, Mesquite, Rockwall, Rowlett, Sunnyvale, Terrell, Uptown
    Approximately 45 to 55 minutes from High 5, Richardson, Plano
    +++++Gratuities are Appreciated+++++ Thanks Sam

    ► WELCOME: First Timers * Curious * Mature * Single * Married * Divorced Clients * Visitors
    ► SPECIALIZING IN: New Comers, Pampering, Unwinding, Listening, Positive Energy, Relaxation
  • A unique massage experience designed just for YOU!
  • Wendell Hobbs is a Pennsylvania Licensed Massage Therapist (MSG002525) with over twelve years experience in a variety of therapeutic settings. Wendell decided to pursue a career as a massage therapist after many years as a successful musician and teacher, having traveled all across the globe with the Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey Orchestras. As Wendell put it " I just needed to relax and slow down. Stress was starting to get to me. And I enjoyed the peace and tranquility I experienced giving massage."

    Wendell graduated top of his class from the prestigious National Massage Therapy Institute. He immediately began working performing chair massage at many events and functions. He worked at a chiropractic office giving pinpoint massages to specific muscle groups, aiding in the patients chiropractic care. He also began his own private practice as well. Along the way Wendell became a Usui Reiki Master. He also works with Special Needs clients throughout Delaware County, providing much needed relaxation and meeting the very basic human need for touch.

    A massage from Wendell is a MOST relaxing experience. Clients literally float out of his massage room smiling from ear to ear. His style consists of the basic Swedish massage techniques, with various other massage modalities from his years of study and practice, added as needed. Wendell has an intuitive sense for what each person needs. He can actually "hear" what the body is telling him. His hands feel warm and soothing, and he works with a rhythm and flow as only a musician can. Clients have said he has "magic hands."

    You owe it to yourself to experience a "Wendell" massage.

    Thank you for stopping by.
    Wendell Hobbs

    Wendell HobbsPhiladelphia
  • DFW’s Best Masseur‼️
  • Masseur Life: have 7 years of professional working experience and an in-demand masseur in DFW. I work and travel to all areas and parts of the DFW metroplex! Have a studio in Rockwall, 2 studios in Dallas but mainly would prefer to be hosted. Can be booked last minute or even advanced notice.

    Personal Life: outside of massage therapy. Am an in actor in TV/Film, model, filmmaker, photographer, costume character and currently working on my 2nd feature film project called SOBER.

    ***Client references*** are available upon request!

    For all details and info, a phone call must be made first as I only do business over verbally and must conduct a FULL screening to any and all first time clients as that’s a required process and procedure I do. No exceptions! I personally myself have had negative experiences meeting people and over 600 clients from 2014 when I first started & this is an important part of the process that cannot be excluded.

    I am available 24/7 (all 7 days) 10AM - Midnight

    Thank you!
    ~ EZ
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