Gay-Friendly Male Massage Therapists

  • Island Spa and Wellness Center
  • Most people are not aware of just how helpful a good massage treatment can be for minor aches, pains, and stress. A well trained massage therapist can do wonders for the mind, the body and the soul of the client.

    Marq James, is a nationally certified professional massage therapist. His years of experience and training has given him the knowledge and the ability to help you feel your best. He is a member in good standing, with the American Massage Therapy Association.

    Thirty-two years ago, I found out the true benefits which accompany massage. One of my best friends, Stanley Mason of Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands, received his massage therapist certification from a school in Florida. As a way to promote his services, Stanley gave free massage sessions.

    As an avid weightlifter, swimmer and former competitive bodybuilder, the benefits of massage quickly became clear to me. By the time I started receiving therapy, my biceps had the painful sensations of what I can only describe as electrical shocks. These so-called shocks hampered my workout potential and were truly annoying. Stanly would utilize deep-tissue and neuromuscular massage techniques. Only then was I able to find relief from this particular discomfort.

    Personally, I am on a holistic journey. Massage has opened my eyes to alternative medicines. Future plans include more classes in muscle dysfuntion, specifically in resolving pain of the neck and lower back. As a nationally certified massage therapist, I am required to take continuing education courses and over the years have done so. In fact, Ive taken more than the usual amount to secure my license remains in good standing. My certifications include, Table Top Thai massage, Facial massage with essential oils and numerous NMT advance classes.

    My massage sessions are custom tailored combining a wide range of modalities. These Modalities may include utilize Swedish, shiatsu, friction, stretching, neuromuscular techniques, hot stones, Thai, aromatherapy, deep tissue & reflexology to help my patients attain his/her goals.

    Massage is powerful. There is a spiritual energy in massage. I believe that massage can heal and that there is power in touch.

    I have been a member of American Massage Therapy Association (A.M.T.A.) since 2003. I have high ethical standards. I respect all my guests no matter their color, beliefs, sexual orientation etc., and I EXPECT the same. Hope to see you on my table soon.
    Marq JamesAtlanta
  • Get ready to be pampered
  • I m a former US Marine ready to make you feel good with my hands. Will have candles and soothing music ready for you.

    Ready to travel to your hotel or home so you can just relax or come to my studio.

    Generally available evenings, weekends, and many holidays.

    For incalls, a shower is available for small additional charge.

    You may pay using Cash, Cash App, Venmo, or credit card (5% applies with credit card).

    With 19 years experience, I have the experience to make you feel good.
    Geo LopezMassage M4M RVARichmond
  • MJU Massage LMT
  • The main focus of my work is Good Health & Healing Through Massage. What this means to you as a client is that I will always make your well being my priority. I specialize in spa-quality Swedish Deep Tissue Massage through Myofascial, neuromuscular and Trigger Point Therapy as needed. Upon request, I will also provide stretching of legs, hips, low back, shoulders arms, and chest muscles. The stretching that I provide as a bodyworker is more than one can do on their own as I am able to get the leverage that one can’t get on their own in order to stretch these muscle groups.
    Established in 2015.

    MJU Massage Officially opened in January 2015 and provided outcall services. Toward the end of 2015, We established a massage studio in Wilton Manors, FL and then in July of 2016 MJU mAssage relocated to Gulfport, FL to it’s the current location.

    Marc U.
  • Relaxing, fitness oriented bodywork for men
    He is physical, athletic and fitness-oriented.
    His personal dynamics personify strength of character, great independence, intellect, personality, and engagement.
    He seeks satisfaction from a position of strength with modesty and humility.
    He wants a masculine massage therapist of like mind.

    He wants to visit a professional office, not a personal dwelling.
    He knows a real professional has a real office.
    His male massage therapist is at Wellness Worx of Florida

    Where Is the Man's World?


    Enter the world of Male Massage at Wellness Worx of Florida-
    A bold masculine bastion, where a man can relax and unwind in comfort,
    A bulwark for the strong, unfettered, successful and discriminating man,
    A prominent, professional, upscale and masculine atmosphere,
    A man's world.

    ​The term male massage will evoke varied images.
    A mental picture of health and fitness club massage: masculine, fitness-oriented, massage for men.
    A healthy beneficial outlet providing a mental and physical break in a calm, tranquil, safe environment.
    Find both at Wellness Worx of Florida.
    Wellness Worx of

    The Man's Massage
    Relaxing, fitness-oriented, masculine.


    Today, male massage is a great way for the man, regardless of privilege, who's dynamics include fitness and wellness, to round out a day in his colorful life. Enjoy a relaxing, fitness-oriented massage for men.


    Experience the ideal male massage
    Discover male massage as a wellness regimen
    Begin a regular masculine massage regimen
    Tailor your regimen in a predominately male atmosphere.​​

    Experience the ideal male massage
    It begins with Deep Relaxation to prepare for heavier work.
    Emphasizes Muscular Manipulation to work out the kinks from active, sports-oriented leisure-time activities,
    Provides ROM and Stretching to tame a hectic and stressful professional or work lifestyle,
    Ends in Deep Relaxation to relieve life challenges from family, financial and other stressors.
    Discover male massage as a wellness regimen
    Tames stress regardless of its' cause,
    Provides stimulation and relieves the stagnation of both overwork and boredom,
    Relieves age-related aches and pains,
    Sooths sadness and depression from life-changing events,
    It provides a fulcrum for balancing work and rest.​
    Begin a regular masculine massage regimen
    Try our signature eclectic massage, a fantastic blend for restoring overall wellbeing.
    Chose one of our other massage types: relaxation, deep tissue or sports massage.
    Tailor your regimen in a predominantly male atmosphere
    Package massage with our fitness program: take some time just for you and get in shape.
    Express your precise specifications, from pampering to exhilarating handling.
    Convey your massage needs for any particular visit, as needs can change from one session to another.

    In all situations, your male massage will be relaxing, fitness-oriented and masculine.
    BTW, massage couples are always welcome.
    Fort Myers
  • Palm Springs Personal Training & Massage
  • "As a Palm Springs personal trainer and massage therapist for the past 20 years I have discovered one of my many passions. By sharing my experiences and everyday challenges with my loss of sight, nutrition, fitness and relaxation I am dedicated to helping others find theirs.
    Many clients confide in me that they just don't have the time or resources for self-improvement, my most recent discovery rises to the challenge in the form of the Range of Motion machine (ROM). This unique piece of exercise and fitness equipment offers a total body workout in only 8-minutes and at an extremely low cost.
    For those clients who are interested in a more traditional fitness routine I invite you to visit me at my comprehensive home gym to discuss an approach that fits your individual needs.
    Also, my many years of experience in massage can help bring relaxation to your day. Please join hundreds of repeat visitors who have changed their lives by scheduling your appointment today!"

    - Chris Vargo
    Chris VargoPalm Springs
  • Deep Tissue and Sports Massage
  • have over 20 years and over 20,000
    hours of experience with chiropractic
    patients, physical therapy patients,
    athletes and people suffering from
    stress related tension.
    My massage can be therapeutic or
    relaxing or both, each session is
    intuitively designed to the individual
    clients needs.
    I work in a warm, comfortable room, on
    a padded table and use the highest
    quality, skin conditioning massage cream.
    DeanMassage by DeanSan Francisco
  • Male Massage Therapy
  • "MuscleTech Bodywork Massage” a massage method designed by me, a full time LMT
    to relieve tension stress and muscle sourness, tailored to mens’s physical condition and particular needs. This, in addition to my superior skill set, has placed my work in a class by itself, manipulating the skin, muscles and joints with a deeply relaxing approach.

    My Miami Home Studio is in compliance with CDC COVID 19 guidelines, with private parking, available shower and bottled water.

    Mobile service also available, just add $25 to rate. I arrive with the same spa quality wherever your needs require, home, office or hotel.

    All sessions include:

    Aromatherapy - Inducing relaxation with Essential oils.
    Vibrational Pad - To promote overall circulation.
    Percussion device - For specified deep tissue and muscle soreness.
    Reflexology - On hands & feet
    Sports massage - Applied with Shiatsu stretching to increase range of motion.

    *First timers a plus!

    LGTBQ community supporter, all ethnic backgrounds and sizes welcomed.

    (hablo Español)
    Felix LMTMuscleTech Bodywork MassageMiami
  • Swedish, Sports Massage, Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Neuromusc
  • I am a caring professional and I bring to a session not only my experience,but my love for the art of massage. With over 15 years of experience practicing massage in South Florida. I combine from different modalities to design a session specific to your needs.
    Licensed in the state of Florida and a graduate of Educating Hands School of
    Jose Miguel ReyesMA 8755 Hollywood
  • Massage for all
  • Hello.
    Sushant here. I have herbal oils from India. You all are welcome for a relaxing Swedish or deep tissue massage. I also use hot stones if need be.
  • LMT
  • I will customized a massage to meet your needs. My massage room is clean and private. I will play soft music and offer a heated table. I look forward to meeting you, and helping you relieve pain and stress. Just want to relax? Give a massage with me a try.Darrell L RubleeDarrell's Therapeutic MassageAuburn
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