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    Our Dominant personalities are sure to leave you satisfied with our top massage. A style of of knees and elbows while gliding on the top of you to give you that ultimate “sin” sation.

    For those that like to be dominant themselves. Their is no better feeling than leaving relaxed after a massage.

    We see couples male and male or male and female couples. We also offer 4 hand massage from 2 males.
    Wilton Manors
  • Manual Deep Tissue Relief
  • Located in Miami Beach, our preventive and therapeutic services currently offer deep-tissue and structural myofascial massage and therapeutic massage focusing on the spinal degenerative pathology

    The practice is licensed by the Florida Department of Health Division of Medical Quality Assurance

    The licensed deep-tissue structural myofascial massage and therapeutic massage for spinal degenerative pathology is provided by Dr. Oleg (Ukraine) and is based on his medical background, knowledge of the neurology field and his experience in manual therapy and acupuncture in the past. It appears as an effective and efficient approach for your body and spine rehabilitation.

    Starting foreign medical practice and manual bodywork, spine correction, and reflexology more than 30 years ago, the current licensed sessions of deep-tissue, structural myofascial massage and therapeutic massage for the spinal degenerative pathology was initiated in Miami in January 2018 with an enduring decision to participate in healing and preventive services to refine a quality of life of inhabitants and visitors.

    The Miami Beach Oleg's Manual is currently offering a 60-, 90-minute deep-tissue and structural, myofascial massage and medical massage focusing on the spinal degenerative pathology.

    This professional healing practice does not replace a service provided by your Medical Doctor or Chiropractor.

    Registered Nurse (RN License), Florida International University; Miami, FL

    Massage Therapist (License), International Institute for Health Care Professionals; Boca Raton, FL

    Master of Health Services Administration (Diploma), St. Josef’s College of Maine; Standish, Maine

    Phlebotomy Technician (Certificate), Daytona State College; Daytona Beach, FL

    Physical Therapy Aide (Certificate) & Swedish Massage-Esthetician (Certificate), Higher Educational Institute; Brooklyn, NY

    Medical Doctor (Diploma), specialized in Neurology; Zaporozhye State Medical University; Ukraine

    Manual Therapy & Acupuncture (Certified); “Rehabilitation Center Stoganenko”; Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

    Manual Therapy, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (Certification); Sofia, Bulgaria

    Manual Therapy, study, and practice under Dr. Keller, O.N. & Dr. Kasyan, N. A. supervision; Ukraine

    Acupuncture (Certification), Kiev, Ukraine; Acupuncture (Certification); Moscow, Russia
    Oleg Oleg's Manual HealingMiami
  • Best of Both Worlds NYCMASSEUR.COM
  • Swedish, deep sports and/or more relaxing, nurturing massage by handsome, DD free, mature, friendly guy. I'm a very in-shape mature man who would love to lay my healing hands on you. $120 an hour in-calls, $100 for 45 min., $60 for 30 min. East Village location. See my site NYCMASSEUR.COM for more info. Cash/credit cards accepted. Outcalls $160 an hour.Steve OrrNYCMASSEJUR.COMNew York
  • Professional Male Masseur For Men
  • I am a professional masseur (FUN FACT: "Masseuse" are female therapists) with 9 years of experience. I incorporate Sports Recovery, Deep Tissue, and Thai massage into my work giving you the best of Eastern and Western practices in the same session. I offer a full body massage or I can target specific muscle groups for the bulk of the session based on your personal needs.

    For the sake of absorbency and the allergy-sensitive, I mainly use Biotone Dual-Purpose Cream but I have aromatic oils and lotions available as well. If you have your own preference please feel free to bring with you. I always travel with my massage table.
    Dominic San JuanBodywork by DominicNew York
  • Male Massage Westchester
  • Are you looking for male massage Westchester? Visit my private studio located in Port Chester, NY. I am available for full body massage, men's haircutting, male waxing and body grooming for men.

    Hi, my name is Kevin. I am a licensed massage therapist and cosmetologist specializing in men's hair. My massage style is described as blissful and relaxing. I like to use broad strokes with my forearm and climb on top of you with my knees. During your massage, I encourage you to talk to me or just zone out while listening to soft music. If you are looking to treat yourself to a spa day I recommend a haircut and body grooming for my ultimate pampering service. I use wax, clippers or a fresh clean razor. Don't be afraid to ask for a test strip in order to see if the wax is ok for you before fully committing.
    Kevin Gay MassagePort Chester
  • Alexei
  • Hello I'm Alexei and I've been a massage therapist for over 10years. My specialty is Swedish deep tissue. It'll have you coming back for more!
    I'm also into fitness and have been bodybuilding for over 15 years. Muscle lovers welcome!
    AlexeiWest Palm Beach
  • Massage by Blair the glutemaster
  • I am a full-time masseur, based in West Hollywood, CA. My specialty is a glute and strong gluteal massage work. I am known as The Glute Master. I work on all types from athletes with IT band and leg problems, bodybuilders to everyday desk jockeys. Some people find my massage work very sensual, but my focus is on therapeutic to help heal and release sciatica and lower back pain.

    You have come to the right place! Look around my website and you will see the difference between other masseurs and myself. If it’s pampering you want, I can make you feel like a million bucks. If you are having back pain, sciatica or other problems, my extensive training and deep tissue work will make all the difference in the world.

    The Room

    Private – Heated or Air Conditioned
    32” wide Massage Table (standard tables are 28”)
    Adjustable headrest
    Clean sheets
    Bottled water available
    Private shower for your use
    Biotone Lotion – Professional odorless heated lotion
    (323) 377-4951
    Call or Text,
    no blocked calls, please.

    I am often working on a client, so if you get my voicemail please leave a message for a prompt and discrete return call. I work 9:30 am – 9:30 pm (start times), six days a week. I am sometimes available for same-day appointments with a few hour's notice.
    Blair Slavin, CMTWest Hollywood
  • A country B&B and massage oasis for men - southern VT
  • Dave has been serving the men’s community for over 10 years. Male touch is a powerful and healing gift. Dave’s training combined with his innate intuitive nature uniquely qualifies him for this work.

    Dave’s philosophy is that the body, mind, and spirit are intricately intertwined components of the whole being. If any one part is out of alignment all three suffer. By assisting in bringing the body into balance, the mind and spirit benefit as well. Dave honors all those who arrive on his table with an individual treatment plan based on input from the client and what he feels with his hands when the work begins.

    Massage Studio Interior Frog Meadow New England's Best All Male Gay Resort in Southern Vermont
    The massage studio has a comfortable and airy feeling and overlooks the orchard.

    Dave is especially interested in the neuro-muscular techniques of Slow Passive Joint Movement and re-patterning work where muscles are taught to let go of their tension through slow, gentle and soothing passive movements of the shoulder and hip joints.

    Massage Rates, Hours & Policies

    Massage appointments are available between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm, 7 days a week by prior appointment only.
    We recommend that you schedule your massage appointment at least 48 hours in advance; Same day appointments are usually not possible.
    First priority for scheduling massage appointments is given to lodging guests.
    We accept MasterCard, Visa, check or cash for massage payment. For your convenience, lodging guests may have massage charges billed directly to their room.
    Non-lodging guests are required to provide a credit card number at time of scheduling.
    Cancellations: There is a minimum five-day cancellation policy for massages. Appointments cancelled less than 5 days prior to the booked session will be charged the full amount for the scheduled time.
    Massage Studio Exterior Frog Meadow New England's Best All Male Gay Resort in Southern Vermont
    The massage studio is in a separate building to the east of the Main House which ensures quiet tranquility and privacy.

    Massage clients are welcome to use the gym and hot tub for an additional $20 per person fee.

    Sixty minute massage $110.00
    Sixty minute massage, gym and/or hot tub: $130.00
    DaveFrog MeadowTownshend
  • Orlando Massage Therapist
  • Ageless Touch Massage and Bodywork Llc is possessed by Edward Hoppe; a permit rub advisor with significant enthusiasm for anatomical sciences and mending expressions. Your experience as a customer is vital. With each tweaked bodywork session, you will have a chance to encounter modalities dependent on what will most precisely treat your distress. Swedish, Deep tissue, Thai, and Reflexology are only a couple of modalities that can be blended or remain solitary. Edward likewise is the proprietor of Quantum Healing Energetics which envelops the universe of recuperating on an entire various levels.

    Edward is a Bioenergetic Wellness Practitioner (NES Health System) and utilizations that as a base for his back rub practice to all the more likely treat his customers. He likewise utilizes microcurrent as an agony treatment and measuring. At long last, solid treatment and guided contemplations are an essential piece of his training and are offered related to back rub or remain solitary.

    As a specialist of the NES Health System, Edward can get data from a body field filtering innovation and know wholistically what is causing lopsided characteristics. This data gets incorporated into every session and considers genuinely remarkable outcomes that enable you to all the more likely make an incredible most. Treatment plans are accessible to follow conventions.

    MPS is a creative strategy utilizing FDA endorsed microcurrent gadgets to join standards of needle therapy, trigger focuses treatment, and give transitory neuro-myofascial help with discomfort. It can likewise be utilized for scar decrease and auriculotherapy.

    Measuring treatment is an independent treatment that can likewise be consolidated/incorporated with knead. It is a type of elective prescription wherein the advisor puts exceptional cups on your skin to make a suction and successfully discharge the pressure and lethal develop in the skin. Individuals get it for some, reasons, incorporating to help with myofascial (muscle+fascia) torment, aggravation, blood stream, unwinding and prosperity. It can likewise be proposed for profound tissue knead.

    Your body has parts of the physical and the lively that changes each day as you develop and experience life. Stress can cause stagnation and muscle pressure in the body. Back rub is a great method to move and limit this strain and furthermore kill poisons that aggregates in your muscles and encompassing tissues.

    Make knead some portion of your wellbeing schedule today and book an arrangement! Referral and rehash limits accessible upon request.

    Edward is additionally a Quantum Touch Practitioner which enables him to do his medications a good ways off. Genuine requests just in the event that you pick this course.
    Edward HoppeOrlando
  • Massage by Kris
  • Kris Matela, MA-0024385 is a Nationally Certified and licensed Florida Massage Therapist. In 1997, he graduated from Florida College of Natural Health in Orlando, Florida, where he majored in Advanced Therapeutic Massage. In addition to his college education, Kris received extensive training in Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Structural Alignment Therapy.

    Kris Matela is a member of the American Sports Massage Team and is certified in St. John Neuromuscular Therapy. For the past 18 years, Kris has been the owner of Muscular Therapy Clinic in Lake Mary, where he specializes in the clinical treatment of various musculoskeletal distortions.

    He has also worked internationally as a consultant for Six Senses Destination Resorts & Spa.

    "Massage Therapy can break the cycle of spasm and pain, decreasing both."
    (Robert Leach, MD, Chairman, Department of Orthopedics, Boston University School of Medicine)

    "Today Massage Therapy is an integral part of physical therapy, sports medicine, and nursing care. It is also becoming more and more accepted as a simple means for healthy people to relieve emotional stress, relax and just feel good."
    (Mayo Clinic Health Letter, May 1993, p. 7)

    "Massage Therapy is better than a good tranquilizer, and serves as a very helpful adjunct to other therapies."
    (Willibald Nagler, MD Head of Rehabilitation Medivine, Cornell Medical Center)
    Kris MatelaLake Mary
  • Coconut Oil Massage by HWP Asian Male
  • ~ ~ Accepting New Clients ~ Limited Availability ~

    Try Something New? Need Touch? Need Quiet Me Time? Need someone to Listen to you or to Talk to?

    Gentle, Quiet, Listener, Discreet, Dependable, Accountable, Flexible, Smooth Lightweight (140's), Height-Weight Proportionate & GL Asian Male Therapists with good soft hands want to relax your muscles and ease your pains.

    100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil featured. Unscented available.
    Choice of Draping Options to ensure smooth flow.
    Clean Linens & Sheets Every Session.

    60-Minute - $80
    90-Minute - $110
    120-Minute - $140

    Deep Gluteal Muscles +$20, Thai Stick Foot Massage, draping etc... customized requests Extra.

    TEXT only [no call], to (941)284-7211, or
    E-mail to (must provide mobile phone number in e-mail)
    Blocked number, calls via internet, VoIP or similar free mobile number, are automatically rejected.

    [Limited Availability] Come Everyday By Appointment & CASH Only. Thank you!

    Females/Males, Seniors, Couples, LGBT/Q/CD Safe and Friendly.

    {{{***Cleanliness emphasized. Shower before the session would enhance experience***}}}

    From North, southbound I-75 take Exit 200/(681) towards Osprey, 4.5 miles from Exit, keep right on 41.
    From South, northbound I-75 take Exit 195/(762) West, Laurel Rd to 41 North, keep right on 41.​
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