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United States, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
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Touch Wholeness
Breath & Body Work
Your body uses sensations to get your attention. Sensations of stress and tension, pleasure, peacefulness . . . even your emotions . . . are signals from your own inner wisdom.

Conscious breathing and intentional bodywork can assist you in moving toward your body's truest desire: wholeness.

I provide an intuitive blend of bodywork and vibrational healing modalities to help you to reconnect with yourself.

Here are some things to consider . . .

What is your energy level during the day? How well do you care for yourself?

How do you show love to yourself? Does your body receive enough pleasure?

How well are you able to express anger or sadness? Are you aware of your heart's deepest desires and dreams?

What is your body telling you? Are you listening?

If something you read here resonates with you, read on. I invite you to plan a session with me. Please consider the following while you explore this website.

What deep part of you is calling out for attention?
What has kept you from touching this part of yourself?
Imagine how bodywork may help you address what your body is telling you.
Peace and Wholeness to you! I look forward to hearing from you.
United States
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Timothy Kocher-Hillmer
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About My Work
As my client, my focus is on you. My goal is to provide a safe and nurturing space of acceptance where you can focus on the experience of being in your body without judgment or expectation. My intention is to be a facilitator of personal integration and wholeness.

Elements of massage, breathwork, and vibrational healing techniques are woven together. Techniques from Eastern and Western Wisdom are blended into a unique healing experience. Working together, you and I design a session that encompasses the various aspects of your being.

I desire to work with clients who are eager and willing to learn from the wisdom of their bodies. If you're interested in reconnecting with yourself, contact me about scheduling an appointment.
Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, June 2001 Member, International Massag
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