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United States, Arizona, Phoenix, 101/202
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Coach Massage
Coach Brawn Massage
I'm that handsome rugged brawny coach who is trained in Swedish, Sports and Deep Tissue Massage massage with over 500 hours training and I incorporate all three techniques into the session.
It can be tailored to your specific body's needs, From long smooth strokes for a soothing body session to a deep penetrating session to satisfy the additional needs of your body. Or we can forgo the massage for other activities, all up to you.
I have a background in the military, got married and then into construction doing manual labor mixing concrete and shoveling stones. Now professionally coaching athletics, so I have really done it all. I am the perfect example of guy that you should not judge a book by its cover because there is way more to me than brawn.
I'm a rugged solid handsome married man (to woman) who is very good at what I do and I really enjoy giving a session tailored to your needs. I make sure to take care of everything that comes up in the session. I know the body well and have some great techniques to use during the session.
Because i have work and family commitments, my availability is limited. But I am VERY discreet and private. Please let me know what you want to experience. Your detail helps to make it happen.
I am white and 6'3, 240-lb, built, dark-haired, brown-eyed, cool and very discreet. I primarily do out calls and can bring my table to your location. However, If you do require an in call - I can arrange a place (Mid-Phx) but need at least a days notice and the rates are much higher because I rent a room for the session.
Please email me with any other requests, if you need additional info on different available services.
I am generally only available Monday thru Friday during regular work hours from 9am to 5pm. (not available nights / weekends, holidays or overnights) but please check on my availability. BRAWNCOACH.COM
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Coach Brawn
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Sports, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Stretching, additional "services" are available.
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