Experience Orlando's most relaxing & entertaining sessions 4

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Experience Orlando's most relaxing & entertaining sessions 4
For starters you may be asking yourself what is Christophers M4M?

For the past 15yrs here in Orlando, i have been offering something truly special, i have taken the old concept of full body Rubdowns & combined it with 12 of the most unique settings that you won’t find any where else in Orlando. Where else? can you see your favorite mature videos on a giant screen? making them larger than life! or relax under the stars in my planetarium, or have club music & lights flashing for the ultimate party mix? only at Christophers M4M. And if over the top settings are not your cup of tea, i also have a variety of truly relaxing settings, that will put your mind & body at ease. With 12 very different settings, there is something for everyone. All sessions are performed on a bed with clean linens, warm oils, & relaxing music of your choice, if music is a part of that session.

These sessions are for gay, straight, curious, and bi-sexual men 18 & over. And are for entertainment purposes only, they are not recommended for those seeking a therapeutic massage for any physical therapy or medical conditions. Rates vary according to setting, and are listed after each setting description & at very bottom of the website~ you can even book your appointment online.

Making your first appointment

Calling is the preferred method to set up a first time appointment, this gives you the chance to ask any questions & for me to go over everything with you. But if you must text for privacy reasons, just know its a longer process. Please do not block your number when calling, it won’t be answered. Also refrain from any explicit language. When you make your first call~ please say you are looking to set up a session. Second let me know which setting you would like, as this gives me a chance to set up everything & enhance your experience upon arrival. Also if you're on the heavy side, this is the time to let me know, so i can suggest the settings most comfortable for you. Same day & next day sessions are available~ if you need to schedule anything in advance, you can book & pay in advance online at bottom of page. Also if you want any essential oils misting during your session, let me know have top 8 oils, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Rosemary, Orange, Lavender, Frankincense, Eucalyptus & Lemongrass.

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Choose from 12 very different settings for a Entertaining Experience

Room of Candles

This is an very soothing setting, where the room is filled with over 23 Luminara candles & 8 more surround the bed, creating very relaxing experience, with soothing music of your choice. Which is sure to put your mind & body at ease. $80 hr

Planetarium Setting

This is a very relaxing setting where the entire room is filled with thousands of moving stars , where planets & shooting stars can appear out of no where, with soothing music of your choice. $70 for hr

Cinema Experience

This is my most popular setting, where you can choose from, thousands of full length mature videos in Full 1080p HD! on a 110” wide home theater screen, with Big Bose sound while receiving your session. This is an updated version of the venues, that use to line the streets of Times Square in the 70's. This setting is $90 for the session.

The Calming Room is for those who just want to relax & keep it simple, well my form of simple. It features soothing moving flames, projected onto the wall, next to that is an 11” Himalayan salt rock lamp, which gives off a warm, amber glow. Himalayan salt lamps produce negative ions, that allow stress relief & better relaxation. Setting also features soothing new age music, together this creates a warm, inviting one of a kind experience. $70 hr


If you have ever wanted to see your favorite mature videos in VR! this is for you! These are the same videos you watch in the cinema room, but they are all VR titles. Prepare to be transported through the screen and be totally immersed in what you are viewing! For the ultimate experience.

Just like some theme park rides, you put on the VR headset on and instantly you are transported into a world of virtual reality. You have the choice of (3) options to watch in VR~

Option (1) You can watch in VR 3D where the actors appear right in front of you, like you are actually in the scene with them.

Option (2) You can watch on the 360 VR screen that magically appears in front of you.
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