Friendly And Passionate Masseur

United States, New York, New York
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Friendly And Passionate Masseur
Incall - Private apartment
Outcall - everywhere in US (discussed)
Massage is my passion, I do a classic relaxing massage with elements of Spanish techniques. I am very friendly, my goal is to take the stress and strain off your body and mind and give you pleasure. I feel your body well. I always take care to give you the best satisfaction from the massage. I do massage using Peach, Vitamin E, Grape Seed, Coconut, Baby and Tea Tree Oils.
Incall: South Beach.
Outcall: I travel to all parts of Miami. I love to travel and visit new cities, if you are not from Miami, please contact me and I will plan a trip to your city.
Please send a text message 24/7 for a quick response and we will be able to immediately determine the time and your wishes.
I also want to clarify the issue of the price of massage, I give you the opportunity to decide how much you want and are willing to pay for the massage, depending on the satisfaction you get and the time of the massage. My goal is to give you complete satisfaction and quality massage. I have taken private massage courses and have been practicing relaxing massage for several years, and I do it with pleasure, so the amount that you are willing to pay me is your discretion. Thank you for your understanding, I look forward to meeting you.
United States
New York
New York
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male massage, Swedish
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