Gay Massage Workshops for Men

United States, California, San Diego
Gay Massage Workshops for Men
Gay Massage San Diego

Massage for men of all sexual orientations that are seeking a quality massage experience.

Treat yourself to a Gay Massage session and enter a state of complete relaxation and full body bliss. Let go of the outside world and allow yourself the gift of relaxation and well being.

Experience a therapeutic or therapeutic sensual bodywork session. You’ll be pampered with my skilled, nurturing, sensual touch . All this in a Private in home studio in the North Park area of San Diego, CA. Your comfort and well-being is my highest priority.

I have the gift of touch. Well trained, strong hands, amazing touch,intuitive, that will find your trouble spots. Let my experienced touch melt away your stress and tension A true massage from a very skilled and trained masseur.

About Gay Massage San Diego
I have been in private practice since 2002 with over 1600 hours in professional training and thousands of hours of hands on experience.

Customized sessions for your needs. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing and Therapeutic and Sensual. Erotic/Tantric style sessions available.

Private in home massage studio with a spa like environment. Ultra comfortable deluxe massage table, unscented oil, towel service and aromatherapy (By request)

Learn Tantra Techniques to Ignite Your Sexual Power
Join Us on a Unique Journey into the Secrets of Tantra
Experience Ecstasy, Bliss, Multiple Orgasms, and much more
We all carry an incredible potential in our bodies. We have huge resources of sexual energy and power. But for most of us, it is untapped and unexplored. Most of us will never experience the ecstasy and bliss that is possible because we don’t have the tools or knowledge to access it. Tantra provides us with techniques to change this. To ignite our sexual power in an easy, playful way, and to use this power to experience something much greater, way beyond ordinary sex: Ecstasy, bliss, multiple orgasm, and a powerful sense of the numinous – all this is possible with Tantra.
Welcome to our new workshop Igniting Your Sexual Power: A Journey Into Ecstasy.
Join Jason and a group of friendly, like-minded men, and let us take you on a journey to experience the incredible potential of Tantra.
The workshop is based on a program Jason produced with Davey Wavey, the acclaimed US YouTube star, in 2016. It is designed for you to journey into ecstasy – using your sexual power in ways you have never experienced before. Here are the workshop contents:
Learn techniques to have incredible, more powerful orgasms.
Explore strategies to expand your sexual energy and spice up your sex life.
Indulge in Tantric massage techniques that awaken your sexual powers.
Experience the incredible Tantra techniques to awaken your ecstatic body.
Learn how to transform your sexual power into a doorway to true ecstasy.
And more Tantric secrets that have to be experienced to be believed.
United States
San Diego
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Gay Massage San Diego for the discerning male that is looking for a quality massage and bodywork. Integrative therapy for the Body, Mind and Spirit. Each session is custom tailored to the needs of the client

Therapeutic Massage- An integrative approach with a base of Swedish massage that incorporates various techniques based on the needs of your body. Deep tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Cranial-Sacral and Swedish massage. A customized massage from head to to toe that will leave you feeling more connected and at ease in your body.

Sensual Massage- A combination of my therapeutic massage and slower sensual and erotic techniques. Long flowing, nurturing strokes. A therapeutic massage that slows it down to bring you into a state of deep calm and relaxation.

Tantric Massage- A combination of Therapeutic massage and Tantric principles of breath, sound and movement. A truly blissful massage that is therapeutic and erotic to awaken your senses and enter a higher realm of pleasure. Open you senses to full bodo pleasure.

RATES (In Calls Only): SCHEDULE AT LEAST 24 hours in advance and get $20 off

60-minute Therapeutic session -$90
90-minute Therapeutic Massage $130
60 minute Sensual-Therapeutic session $120
90 minute Sensual-Therapeutic session $180
90 minute Tantric massage $180
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