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Capital Masseur
I’m James, a local, straight, gay-friendly professional Masseur, with years of experience in bringing relaxation, and more importantly fulfillment and release to scores of clients during their visits to Edinburgh. Before we continue, I wish to make it clear that my service is out-call only.. I come to you!
You may be in your own hotel room, on business, or perhaps on holiday, or in the comfort of your own home..you have some quality time to yourself and you feel the need to stretch out and let someone else release all of the built-up tension….

I’m a mature, (55) intelligent, educated guy.. I’m fit, and more importantly, friendly.. the last thing you need is awkward silence.. this never happens with me.. I’ll put you at your ease in no time. Communication is the most important thing with massage.. no two massages are the same, different people want different things and there are no questions or requests which are silly, or trivial. I can bring my massage table to your hotel or home, but I also find that some clients can be a little intimidated by this and many clients prefer a little more familiarity during their massages, so many of my sessions take place on the bed...
I bring towels and oils... All that's required of you is that you find a little peace and quiet for yourself, make sure the bedroom is comfortably warm, and to prepare your body for my ministrations.. have a nice long, relaxing bath or shower about 15 mins before I'm due to arrive. All of my Massages are administered using a blend of coconut and sunflower oils.

Once again, please be reminded that I'm out-call only.

United Kingdom
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James Masseur
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I specialise in deep-tissue Swedish massage with natural oils either on my massage table or on a firm bed. The massage can be as firm or as relaxing as the client prefers.
My full body massage blends several massage styles including Deep Tissue, concentrating on all of the muscle groups, warming them up and getting heat into them. Clients find this a very relaxing, therapeutic massage, and always experience an great night's sleep afterwards.
My 90 Minute Massage follows the pattern of my full body massage, but is performed much more slowly and deliberately, with more concentration on relaxation. This massage is ideal for those curious people who're looking for a first-class massage by a good Masseur.

​All of the described massages and treatments are guides only, and extra treatments, requirements etc can be arranged as required. It's a good idea to be direct and open about your requirements, as making certain extra requests or changes during your treatment is not always possible.

Remember, no questions are considered silly, or taboo. This is all about you, and your needs.

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