Just The Right Touch Massage & Spa Service

United States, New Jersey, Union City, 2810 Morris Ave
Just The Right Touch Massage & Spa Service
Hi, my name is Billy and I am a Professional Massage Therapist serving the North and Central part of New Jersey. I offer a relaxing massage that fits your needs at reasonable rates in the comfort of my studio or the convenience of your home. All massages are tailored to your comfort level and need using a combination of Swedish, Deep tissue and many other modalities.

So why should you choose Just The Right Touch Massage?

* Over 9 years of experience * I offer In/Outcalls
* Reduce muscle tension & pain * Hotel calls available
* Table & chair massage available * Relaxing Music
* Studio is conveniently located * Very affordable
* Studio is clean relaxing & warm * I am very friendly
* Hot towel to end massage * I use Biotone Products

Steam Therapy / $35.00
with Massage $20.00

Foot and Hand Service $45.00

Body scrubs $25.00

Mud & Steam $120.00

Hot Stone Massage $107.00

United States
New Jersey
Union City
2810 Morris Ave
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What type of massage do you offer?
There are many different styles of massage and every therapist is different and has there own individual styles. I was trained in Swedish, deep tissue, sports, myofascial release, chair and Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT). As a Professional Massage Therapist I am also required to do continuing education so I am always learning new techniques. You can read about some of these styles on the types of massage page.

What if I am overweight?
As a professional massage therapist, I am not giving you a message to judge your body or make you feel uncomfortable. I truly want you to have a very enjoyable experience. I have worked on young, old, thin, heavy, tall, short and just about every imaginable shape and size you can think of. You should not let your weight or any other issues affect your decision to get a massage. I truly enjoy seeing a client enjoy there massage. So I do everything possible to make you relax and feel comfortable. So don't let your weight deny you from a very pleasurable experience.

What do I wear while getting a massage?
Once again I want your massage to be a very enjoyable experience so you should undress to your comfort level. I suggest to my clients to completely undress and to get under the drape (a covering such as a blanket, towel, or sheet). But you can leave on whatever clothes will make you feel comfortable so that you can relax. Receiving a massage is all about you and I want my clients to be able to relax and if removing all your clothes makes you uncomfortable then you will not be able to relax and enjoy your massage. Note that leaving some articles of clothing on it may restrict or limit the work being done in that area.

What can I expect from a massage?
When you arrive at my office or I arrive at your place I will have a small form for you to fill out and I will also ask you some questions about what you are looking to achieve from your massage. I will then ask you to get undressed to your comfort level, I will leave the room and will come back in once you get on the table. From there you can expect depending on what you request a very enjoyable or therapeutic massage. I offer 60 and 90-minute massages. I will address any issues that you might have such as back pain shoulder pain etc. At the end of the massage, I will leave the room and give you a chance to compose your self( if you come to my office I will end the massage with a hot towel to cover you and to top off the massage).
I am a graduate of the Somerset school of massage therapy. I have successfully completed a 550-hour
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