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United States, New York, Port Chester
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Male Massage Westchester
Are you looking for male massage Westchester? Visit my private studio located in Port Chester, NY. I am available for full body massage, men's haircutting, male waxing and body grooming for men.

Hi, my name is Kevin. I am a licensed massage therapist and cosmetologist specializing in men's hair. My massage style is described as blissful and relaxing. I like to use broad strokes with my forearm and climb on top of you with my knees. During your massage, I encourage you to talk to me or just zone out while listening to soft music. If you are looking to treat yourself to a spa day I recommend a haircut and body grooming for my ultimate pampering service. I use wax, clippers or a fresh clean razor. Don't be afraid to ask for a test strip in order to see if the wax is ok for you before fully committing.
United States
New York
Port Chester
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male massage, m4m, full body, deep tissue
NYS Massage Therapy 2005, Cosmetology 2014
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  • Review of Kevin's Alibi in Port Chester NY

    It's Monday morning and I just got to work. It was a long stressful weekend, my family was in town and I had to entertain them with tickets to shows, dinners, they borrowed my new car and they even slept over. My family finally took off to get back home on Sunday evening but I never got to relax. As I am looking at my schedule of tasks and upcoming meetings I began to hate Mondays. The rest of the week didn't look any better. What could make me feel better ? Mmmmm... a male massage sounds nice. I could have pulled out my smartphone and browsed my favorite sites. But this time I decided to search for a male massage near me hoping to discover something or someone new. A new ad pops up which caught my eye. It read: gay male massage by experienced M4M masseur. I clicked on the link and it leads to Find M4M a website directory for men. Interesting and unique, I thought out loud, as I clicked the masseur's category glancing over my shoulder to make sure no one was eavesdropping. I selected New York as my location and then selected Port Chester as my closest city to where I work in White Plains. As I continued to search for masseurs near me I discovered Kevin's Alibi. Finally! A male masseur in Westchester! I mapped it with my phone and noticed he was only 15 minutes away from me and I won't have to go all the way into Manhattan to get a massage. Sudden joy! 
    It was now 9:30 in the morning and I wanted to secure my massage appointment for this afternoon and have something cheerful and relaxing to look forward to. I decided to call rather than text so I could get a sense and feeling of Kevin's demeanor. A few seconds later he answered with a soothing "Hi this is Kevin" I immediately knew I was making the right choice. All of the tension I previously felt was instantly beginning to melt away. Lucky for me, Kevin was available as soon as he would finish working out in the gym. I imagined a tall, muscular man in gym shorts deeply massaging my aching body. The thought made me move my schedule around so I could be at his massage studio at 11 am. 
    Eager to get to Kevin's Alibi Massage Studio, I left the office early. I jumped onto highway 287 and made sure I answered all the important messages before silencing my phone. Parking was not a problem however, finding his exact entrance to the studio was tricky. Nevertheless, the building is fascinating. Made of brick inside and out. It is an old warehouse factory now converted into mostly creative lofts. I knocked on the door and Kevin greeted me with a warm two-handed handshake. I was immediately set at ease. The space was perfectly warm and inviting with soft ambient music which seemed to drown out the rest of the world. 
    We talked for a few minutes and as we got to know each other, I discovered Kevin is also a hairstylist. I am so happy to have found a male masseur in Westchester who also cuts men's hair! Kevin offered to clean me up with a trim before lying down for the massage. He took his time sculpting my thinning hair into a work of art. Kevin truly made me feel cared for by snipping away that unwanted ear and nose hairs and suggested grooming ideas I never bothered to think about. Like adding a small amount of hair color and brushing it into my beard. He calls it a beard enhancement. It's amazing, I feel 10 years younger. My wonderful experience was not over yet. Kevin led me to his wash sink where he proceeded to lather me up. It's not often I get shampooed at my local barbershop but after Kevin's hair wash and conditioning scalp massage, I was hooked. 
    It was now time for my massage and I was completely relaxed. I decided to stay for his 1.5-hour full-body massage treatment. Kevin is a true professional. His attention to detail was impressive. He made sure the oil was of high quality, not sticky, was unscented, but warmed in his hands before applying to my back and body. Kevin's amazing technique proved he is a master masseur with a lot of experience. His massage strokes were broad, firm yet gentle all at the same time. I often fell in and out of sleep on his plush massage table. 
    Without a doubt, Kevin is the real deal male massage therapist and hairstylist in Westchester. The next time you are within a 100-mile radius of Kevin's Alibi, search "FINDM4M " You'll be glad you did :) 
    Tim Moore / Jan 04, 2020 21:14
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