Massage And Grooming For Men

United States, Florida, Bonita Springs, 27725 Old 41 Rd, Suite 206
Massage And Grooming For Men
Welcome to Bodyworks for Men, located in Bonita Springs, Florida to better serve clients from Southwest Florida.Bodyworks4men is the only male private massage, bodywork, and skin practice directing its full product and service line solely to the therapeutic and grooming needs of men.

This is a one-client-at-a-time by-appointment-only practice. We offer a tranquil private atmosphere for men only, ensuring individual privacy and providing the highest standards in massage therapy, body and skin treatments, and customer service available.

Bodyworks4men offers a wide array of treatments and packages specially designed with the male client in mind.

Our services are geared towards body therapy, and skin and body grooming needs that are specific to men. Keep in mind that our treatments can always be customized to meet the needs and individual condition of your body.

About Samuel

Seasoned experienced in the spa and salon business in New York City, Samuel opens this exclusive studio in the Bonita Springs downtown area as an answer for males in the South West Florida who would like to enjoy a professional massage, and grooming services in the privacy and high standards they deserve.

For many years he observed the fact that men are very interested in day spa services without been exposed to other clients or busy environments.

United States
Bonita Springs
27725 Old 41 Rd, Suite 206
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Highly trained male massage therapist and skin specialist dedicated to the healing, relaxing, grooming, and treatment of male-only clientele from the South West Florida.

I am a Reiki master as well and use this millenary technique to heal men body and spirit through the activation of energy mainly directed to balance the seven Chakras.

Reiki massage could be combined with the assistance of gems and crystals in a session at the client’s request.

Warm and professional licensed massage therapist, individually tailored services and the privacy you deserve will make your visit a unique rewarding experience. Please look at our services, give us a call or send us an email with your questions, we will be very happy to guide you towards the best choice of therapy for your specific needs.

We specialize in four areas of men spa services.

Massage therapy

Reiki and energy attunement

Body grooming and manscaping

Skincare on face and body treatments

We welcome clients who wish to make any combination of these four specialties in one visit.

Until further notice we only provide reiki, cupping healing therapies in this address, please contact us for outcall services.
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