Relax. Restore. Revive. Repeat.

United States, Florida, , 3510 1st Avenue North #129
Relax. Restore. Revive. Repeat.
A graduate of Sunstate Academy of Massage with more than 3,000 hours of hands on experience, Jordan was recently nominated for and was runner up in Creative Loafing’s Best of the Bay. He believes massage therapy is more than just RELAXATION, but also a tool to help RESTORE, and REVIVE.

Each massage is a custom experience tailored to the client and their needs on that day. Specializing in therapeutic relaxation for when you just need to unwind and destress, deep tissue for those stubborn issues, sports massage for athletes pre and post-event, and hot stone for maximum repose. Certified in oncology massage and offering manual lymphatic drainage massage for RECOVERY from cancer, cancer treatment, and anyone looking for whole body detox.

Conveniently located in StPete.
Text or email to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions.

When you first arrive, I’ll have you fill out paperwork and we’ll discuss what you’re looking for with your massage that day. Typically I work with a combination of modalities to best address your needs; today it might be relaxation with a little deep tissue to get at those problem areas, next time it might be deep tissue with some sports massage techniques.

I’ll leave the room to wash my hands while you undress to whatever you are comfortable. Most people go completely naked or keep only their underwear on. You will remain completely covered by the draping at all times, except for the area I am working on.

​Proper draping is required at all times to protect your modesty and mine.

Communication is important, especially during the initial consultation but also during the massage. If you would like more or less pressure, or want me to spend more time on something, feel free to speak up. Otherwise, just relax and enjoy it.

When the session is complete, I’ll leave the room again to wash my hands again and give you time so you can dress in private.

It really is that easy, ​so go ahead and book an appointment, and you’ll be on your way to feeling better in no time.
United States
3510 1st Avenue North #129
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Jordan Monroe Green
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​$75 per 60 Minutes
$100 per 90 Minutes
$125 per 120 Minutes

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​$25 Hot Stones
$25 Cupping
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