Stimulating your body to relieve tension and stress.

United States, North Carolina, Raleigh
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Body Guru For You
Stimulating your body to relieve tension and stress.
Body Guru has been giving massage eleven years.

I offer our services to both women and men, of all orientations.

I offer a long and very deeply relaxing, medium pressure level.

Draping is optional.

I have been trained in and have developed over several years a multi-sense massage that is far beyond that a simple touch of skin and tissue massage. The message will both and relax you feeling brand new.

I offer several levels of service and serval lengths of time. Including 60, 90, and 120 minutes.

Our session together can be used to improve the outlook on life, let go of pain and allow the body to help heal itself. Touch, Warmth Pressure, Love, Caring and Listening are we Skills Used
We have helped change people's lives since they can accept being hugged and held by another person. They say that they can see the world in an entirely different light.
We work with you on what your needs are.

We offer increasing levels of touch and closeness.
See web page for pricing of each level

Sports and Therapeutic:
Level 1) Intro Massage
Level 2) Therapeutic

Relaxing and Meditative
Level 3) Lightly Relaxing
Level 4) Deeply Relaxing

Life Coaching:

Is your life out of alignment?
Are parts of your life going well, but other parts are not going well as all?

If yes, you will benefit from Life Coaching.

We can offer packages of Life Coaching to you.
United States
North Carolina
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massage for male and female
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