Treat yourselves well with Certified Masseur

United States, Texas, Dallas
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Massage by Tony Asian
Treat yourselves well with Certified Masseur
MUTUAL TOUCH with the BEST Certified Masseur who has trained in G spot massage, spanking, reflexology, acupressure as well as body to body in Australia and mastered the art of the therapeutic massage with 580-hour requirement in Texas.
Treat yourself to a therapeutic and satisfying massage by a trained professional with over 10- year experience. Let my strong arms and skilled hands relax your tired body and tensed muscle.
Manscaping services are combined with massage as requested. Only trim and shave, no wax.

I host in South Arlington.
Session: 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 90 minutes or more at your choice. I can travel around DFW area.

When I travel to you: rates are added travel fee based upon distance with minimum 60 minute session.

Cash accepted ONLY.

If I don't pick up your call, please leave your message OR if I don't reply your message immediately, I am in session.
I will reply you at my earliest convenience for any calls with ID caller.

United States
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Tony Asian
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Masseur options
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Swedish($129hr)- deep tissue($150hr)- reflexology($80hr)-Prostate at your choice
Spanking , roping, water sport and more
Plus manscaping(shave or trim, no WAX)
These rates at my house in Arlington.
Outcall rate depends on your location. Thank you
Certified Massage Therapist
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  • Excellent Massage

    Tony is top notch. I can't thank him enough for his massage I have experienced since stepping into his room. I have had a lot of issues my entire body. Tony is intuitive, very attentive and sensitive to what my body needs, offering just the right amount of pressure as needed. Tony has different modalities to make my body relax, specially fancy relaxation. I'm definitely coming back for more. I highly recommend Tony service. Thanks again.
    DanLoveMass / Dec 01, 2020 09:01
  • Tony is awesome

    Tony really knows and appreciates the mane body, and his massage techniques bring you to a calm space where you stop thinking, only feeling with your body. His technique varies, depending on my aches or pains or sore muscles. For many years I have met a lot of masseurs, but today it was special in all positive senses. Tony is awesome.
    Masterlkrimsk / Jun 02, 2021 20:08
  • Awesome NURU

    My experience with Nuru massage is indescribable. I felt like I was transported to heaven as my Tony slowly and gently glided and slided all over my naked body. The slippery Nuru oil felt great on the skin and overall, it is a very stimulating and arousing experience. I loved every second of it and wished that the session never ended. Also, I had multiple orgasms as the whole session and his techniques were awesome, even i prefer to deep pressure to my sore muscles. It was just perfect! You should also give Tony a try if you have never tried a Nuru massage. You will love it. Hurry up
    movenoixa2013 / Nov 27, 2022 10:43
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