Male Massage Manhattan [for men]

Jan 12, 2020

Meet Dominic. He is a male massage therapist in Manhattan. He offers in-studio and mobile massage for men. I personally know Dominic for more than 10 years and he is on the top of my list. Give him a call and tell him Kevin recommended you.

Massage by Dominic in Manhattan

Phone 917-397-0049
Based in Manhattan
Rates $140/hour $190/1.5 hours
Availability 9 AM-7 PM by appointment only
In-studio or mobile massage Both
Work on Always with table
Age 41

How long have you been doing male massage for men?

Almost ten years now.

How did you get into massage?

It was something that I used to do for coworkers at any given job whenever I had any downtime. I suppose you could say it was my way of fidgeting, but also probably because I was projecting my own need to address personal aches and pains. After a while, it became a personal passion that I cultivated and chose to study for and monetize, especially after I had to conclude that the majority of people sadly don’t appreciate things that you do for them that don’t come with a price tag. I love the work itself because it’s one of the few times that I can allow myself to be present and focus on my own health and well-being. My own posture and breathing. It’s immediately rewarding on so many levels, without the need for validation from uninvolved parties.

Did you go to massage school? What are your training and certifications?

I went to school for Music and have a bachelor’s degree from NYU in 2001, but after deciding to switch gears received certification from Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork in 2010.

Do you have a particular style or modality of massage you like the most?

I specialize in Sports Therapy and deep tissue work, that I round out with a great deal of proactive stretching via Thai Massage

Do you do male massage full time? What else do you do?

I work full time in massage, but I also have been a caregiver for my mother since her stroke This past year, helping her with her rehabilitation, physical/speech/occupational therapy, as well as preparing her health-conscious meals daily.

What are your hobbies?

Songwriting, personal training, illustrating/sketching, mixology, whitewater rafting, mixed martial arts, video games, food prep.

What is one thing you wish clients knew (so they would not ask) about male massage?

I wish they would stop asking questions that I’ve already answered, much less in euphemisms that I have no judgment about, but that can detract from my work.

What kinds of massage products do you use?

I default to Biotone unscented hypoallergenic cream, but also keep grape seed oil in my inventory, as well as an array of aromatherapy essential oils to create customized blends and allow for a multi-sensory experience.

We asked him He said
What is one if your favorite books? Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey got me hooked on the fantasy genre when I was twelve.
What is your favorite food? I love fusion foods
Favorite color? Gunmetal
What is one of your favorite movies? “The Last Dragon”
Do you prefer hot or cold? Cold
Favorite dessert Banana foster
One person, who is currently inspiring you? AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)
One thing you are talented at? Just one thing? Uh, humility LOL
Favorite place visited? Madrid
Apple or android? Apple

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