Crowd funding for a film. Real Fantasies

United States, New York, New York
Crowd funding for a film. Real Fantasies
This is a queer story about a young adult's romantic attraction to a man whose sexuality is a mystery. The film is produced primarily by immigrants: director Nikita Khripach (Russia), cinematographer Junting Zhou (China). Film features a Hispanic character, representing Hispanic Queer Youth of NYC.


NYU student Nick has a crush on his yoga instructor Troy. Nick believes his affection is mutual. After all, Troy flirts with him, takes him out for coffee and tells Nick how cute he is. When Nick learns that Troy is actually not interested in him, Nick feels deceived and comes up with a shocking revenge plan.

REAL FANTASIES is about how we often deceive ourselves, choosing to live in our imagination. Then we learn truth the hard way and feel crushed by reality. But also the film is about how we can heal ourselves by creating certain fantasies and believing in them, making them “real”. Nick’s illusions, his wishful thinking lead to his heartbreak and paradoxically they are what helps him get over it.


Nick is too innocent for modern times guy. He’s had sexual experiences before, but he doesn’t want to explore the city sexually the way his friends do. Nick is looking for a real connection, but at the same time he doesn't want to come off as old-fashioned and naive. Everybody in New York seems to be obsessed with sex. Nick feels like an outsider in this world of Grindr hookups and obsessions over physical appearance.

When he meets Troy, he's drawn to his spiritual presence and hopes to build a lasting connection with him.
United States
New York
New York
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Nikita Khripach
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