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  • Hand Squeeze Exercise Tool
  • Squeezing is one of the most implemented exercises in hand therapy. When a person squeezes something, his forearm muscles, finger joints, and associated nerves get activated. Squeezing makes our hand, finger, and thumb stronger. Thus, Hand squeeze exercise tools are in high demand. Hand squeeze exercise tools such as squeeze balls, therapy putty, and Bluetooth-enabled squeeze tools are available in the market. Even one can start his journey with a soft silicon tennis ball. Overall squeeze exercise tool should be moderately soft, ergonomically designed to grab properly, & comfortable to hold.

  • Hand Grip Strengthener
  • The primary pillar of fitness is strengthening your core. One can do core strengthening exercises if he has strong forearm muscles because endured forearm muscles help us to lift heavy weights, which is vital for core strengthening and building abs. Thus, experts suggest using a hand grip strengthener to increase grasping and lifting abilities. Hand grip strengtheners are available in the market with multiple resistance levels. Beginners must start with low resistance to avoid sudden injury and increase resistance counts.

    Karan AgrawalHand Grip Strengthener
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