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  • Swedish deep tissue full body massage +27738342716

  • Swedish deep tissue full body massage +27738342716

    More than 10 years of experience in Swedish/deep tissue full body massage done by trained and certified Brazilian massage therapist. My techniques involve the manipulation of the soft tissue to relax and invigorate the body and in case of knots amd adhesions deep tissue is highly recommended. I have also training in sports massage.
    Any questions or appointments please contact me. I appreciate that and I’m looking forward to seeing you on my table. Call or Whats App +27738432716
    RAYMONDSwedish deep tissue full body massage +27738342716
  • Life Coach 4 Guys - Let's Chat 4 a Solution -Cuddling
  • Guy's are you FEELING DOWN and OUT? Are you having issues at home or work? Is your relationship/friendship, between you and your spouse/friend stressful and possibly causing anxiety for you or both?

    Have you been considering talking to another male, to listen and help you over the hump? May be you need a lending ear to listen! May be you need an experience Life Coach to listen and help you work through the issue(s) at hand!

    If you are really down, you may be considering cuddling to lift you up and make you feel good about yourself. We can sit on the floor or your sofa and talk while cuddling to feel safe or you may just need to be hugged, since it has been a while since that has happened. Clothes remain on.

    Many guys have tried cuddling and many are surprised at how well it works for them. Like anything, it takes a special person to be a cuddler. Guys feel like, someone really does care for them, they can talk and get feedback.

    We know that many men keep things bottled in. There are times a guy needs a person to bounce ideas off, get input or they need companion for a period of time, this is a nature part of life.

    May be you just need help putting the piece of the puzzle back together? May be cuddling will assist you with your dilemma, especially with someone who cares for people.

    Let's chat and get your questions answered. There are so many people that are carrying a lot of stress and anxiety! Many times this is because both are working under the same roof and then spend their personal time together or etc. For others, Covid has played a big factor in their lives!

    Let's book your appointment, discuss what is bothering you and try to find a solution together that will work for you!

    *****PROMO RATES*****

    IN-CALLS: Forney

    30 Minutes
    60 Minutes
    Starting from $50.00

    OUT-CALLS: Heath, Mesquite, Rockwall, Terrell

    60 Minutes
    90 Minutes
    Starting from $85.00

    CREDIT CARDS have a 5% surcharge, cash accepted.
    SamCUDDLING * Life Coach Here to help guys / couples
  • Hair transplant in Bangalore
  • Get top-notch hair transplant treatment in Bangalore, India. If you are from Bangalore or around the southern part of India, then it will be your home opportunity. Eugenix is a great clinic run by highly qualified trichologists and hair transplant surgeons. Eugenix has become a popular name in the field of hair restoration services. They have a large number of clients from India and from out of the country as well. They have gained a total of 28+ years of experience with a 100% success rate in their hair restoration treatment.Eugenix Hair SciencesEugenix Hair Sciences
  • Hand Grip Strengthener
  • The primary pillar of fitness is strengthening your core. One can do core strengthening exercises if he has strong forearm muscles because endured forearm muscles help us to lift heavy weights, which is vital for core strengthening and building abs. Thus, experts suggest using a hand grip strengthener to increase grasping and lifting abilities. Hand grip strengtheners are available in the market with multiple resistance levels. Beginners must start with low resistance to avoid sudden injury and increase resistance counts.

    Karan AgrawalHand Grip Strengthener
  • Special man to man massage
  • Are you planning to travel to Cancun Mexico? Does the trip tire you? Let yourself be carried away by your instincts and enjoy my services, totally accommodating, discreet, manly. Enjoy an unforgettable and very pleasant experience.
    Professional masseuse
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