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  • Guy's are you FEELING DOWN and OUT? Are you having issues at home or work? Is your relationship/friendship, between you and your spouse/friend are on stressful or on a rocky road? Have you been considering talking to another male, to listen and help you over the hump? May be you just need a lending ear to listen to your plan and perk it up! May be you need a experience Life Coach to listen and help you workout the issue(s) at hand!

    If it's really got you down, you may consider cuddling to lift you up. We can sit on the floor or your sofa and talk while cuddling to make feel safe or just need to be hugged. Clothes remain on.

    Do you need a person to have coffee and chat? May be you just need help put the piece of the puzzle(s) together? May be cuddling with help your dilemma.

    Let's chat and get your questions answered. There are so many people that are carrying a lot of stress and anxiety. Many times this is because both spouses are working under the same roof and then spend their personal time together. This within itself can cause friction and anxiety for both parties. For so many people Corvid has played a big factor in their lives!

    Let's book your appointment, discuss what is bothering you and find a solution that will work for you!

    I like to communicate, listen and help people! Many times do not want to talk to anyone, if by chance they do, it will be someone from outside the house! So do not wait any longer, book your appointment TODAY!

    MY one on one session have helped out many people.

    Lets chat soon!

    Promotion Rates for Coaching:

    In-Calls (Forney)

    60 Minutes.....$60.00
    90 Minutes.....$80.00

    Out-Calls for Coaching & CUDDLING: Heath, Mesquite, Plano, Rockwall, Terrell

    60 Minutes.....$85.00
    90 Minutes.....$105.00

    Credit cards have a 5% surcharge, cash accepted.
    SamLife Coach here to help guys / couples * CUDDLING
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