Gay-Friendly Male Personal Trainers

    We live in a world of constant challenges. These challenges range from physical, psychological, and even social. The tools we need to meet and overcome those challenges are a combination of holistic properties that we can master through the discipline of arts. It is through this discipline that we achieve mastery; through that mastery, we can begin to map and script our evolution of dynamic proportions.

    At the age of seven, I started taekwondo training for 14 years. I attended an athletic high school for three years and excelled rapidly. At the age of 19, I started intense weight lifting and exploring even more aspects of martial artistry leading to the coaching of several athletes, always improving the discipline of their craft, physique, and mindset.

    My background ranges from national taekwondo champion to kickboxing, spartan athletics, and street fighting, and much more. I bring to you more than 25 years of experience and success through the mastery of the multi-disciplines (weight training, taekwondo, spartan readiness, nutrition)

    Welcome to Steve Raider Dynamics!
    Steve RaiderSteve Raider Dynamics
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