All Inclusive Care Packages

United States, New York, New York, 480 6th Ave. #121
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Rainbow Pet Concierge
All Inclusive Care Packages
Rainbow Pet Concierge is an exclusive Pet Care Service that specializes in providing unique care options and extraordinary service to high-profile clients and pets with special needs.

We have extensive experience handling high-profile clients, and our top priority is maintaining their confidentiality, safety, and privacy. Our approach to providing customized unique care options is especially beneficial for pets with behavioral or medical challenges and people with demanding work schedules.

Owner Liz Cooney brings nearly two decades of experience caring for animals including rehabilitating dogs with serious behavioral challenges, administering both common and unique medical treatments to a variety of animals, and formal education and training in animal care.

Our services include unique all-inclusive care packages (essentially a personal assistant for your pets), individual dog walking, overnight in-home pet care, medication administration, management of food/supplies, scheduling and attending vet/ grooming appointments, physical therapy/ rehabilitation, wedding travel and care including travel arrangements and accompaniment on domestic and foreign trips.

We are proud to be a certified LGBT Business Enterprise through the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. We are a socially conscious business and strive to exclusively collaborate with, and shop from, LGBTQ+ and minority owned businesses. Our goal is to provide the best in pet care, a great client experience, and support the LGBTQ+ and minority owned business community.

Due to the increased security and confidentiality requirements of our clients we accept new clients on a case by case basis and operate primarily as a referral only business. We work diligently to deliver top-notch, no matter the challenge.

Manage All Pet Care

Schedule and Attend Grooming, Vet, and Training/Socialization Appointments.
Feeding and Exercise 2-3x Daily.
Purchase Food and Supplies.
Administer Medication, Heartworm, and Flea/Tick Prevention.
Travel Planning & Accompaniment.

Dog Walking

Walks can be scheduled daily or as part of our all inclusive care packages. All walks are individual however we are happy to walk more than one dog if they are from the same family. Walks range from 15 minutes up to 2 hours

United States
New York
New York
480 6th Ave. #121
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