Gay-Friendly Male Photographers

  • Jim Robert Photography
  • I grew up on a small farm in Southeast Kansas. Although I wasn’t your typical farm boy, I certainly did my share of farm chores, including raising livestock mostly swine and sheep and lots of farming… wheat, milo, and soybeans. The photo of me to the left was taken when I was 17. I’m holding twin lambs. Sheep were always my favorite farm animal. I connected with their gentle spirit. As a young photographer, I would position them for photographs and they would typically stand still for me as I photographed them unless something spooked them then it was total chaos.

    I always lived on a farm miles away from the local town so as a substitute for hanging out with the neighbor boys and playing team sports… I acquired a lot of solo hobbies. Photography was always my favorite. I took the money I earn from sacking groceries at the local grocery store (for $1.90 an hour) and bought my first 35mm SLR.

    I quickly became the school and community photographer and shot most events in the community. I even converted my closet into a darkroom installing a very large Bogen enlarger requiring a hole to be cut in the ceiling of the closet to accommodate the arm of the enlarger. I frequently dominated the bathroom I shared with my sisters with prints dangling on a wire above the bathtub.

    I like how I see life when behind the lens of a camera. I love getting lost with a camera and seeing where it takes me creatively. If bodywork is my Zen… Photography is my Art.
    Jim Robert
  • Real Estate Photographer in Atlanta
  • Specialising in wedding and event photography.
  • Hello, I'm a British, London-based photographer working throughout the UK and abroad, specialising in wedding and event photography.

    I have a passion for compelling, graphic images, whether portraits, architecture, fast-moving events or those unexpected details discovered when taking the time to look around more slowly. I work hard to put everything into what I do and pride myself on creating stunning, style-packed pictures for you!
    Please get in touch to discuss work and rates.
    Emir HashamEmir Hasham Photograhy
  • Weddings, Commercial and Portrait
  • I’m driven by a passion for creating beautiful imagery. As a wedding photographer I like to work with couples where the quality of the photography really matters, and where a playful rapport allows creativity to flow between us. I want to be able to work with you to producing an album with something beyond conventional, something individual to you as a couple. I’m happy to shoot all types of wedding – my work as a gay wedding photographer comes out of my own connection with the LGBT community and a long history of campaigning not only for LGBT rights but also for marriage equality.Grrl-AlexGrrl Alex Photography
  • M4M Photography NYC
  • Hi there, thanks for visiting my page. I am a professional portrait photographer based in NYC and have a private photo studio in brooklyn. I am also able to travel to you at your home, hotel, etc.

    I am available for portrait sessions of all kinds but my most popular service through this site is dating profile pictures. If you need new pictures for your apps, I am very experienced in that area and will make you look your best. Please send me a message indicating the kinds of photos you're looking for, and I will get back to you with rates and more info asap.

    Jason Leavy
    JasonJason Leavy Photography
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