Jim Robert Photography

United States, Texas, Dallas
Jim Robert Photography
I grew up on a small farm in Southeast Kansas. Although I wasn’t your typical farm boy, I certainly did my share of farm chores, including raising livestock mostly swine and sheep and lots of farming… wheat, milo, and soybeans. The photo of me to the left was taken when I was 17. I’m holding twin lambs. Sheep were always my favorite farm animal. I connected with their gentle spirit. As a young photographer, I would position them for photographs and they would typically stand still for me as I photographed them unless something spooked them then it was total chaos.

I always lived on a farm miles away from the local town so as a substitute for hanging out with the neighbor boys and playing team sports… I acquired a lot of solo hobbies. Photography was always my favorite. I took the money I earn from sacking groceries at the local grocery store (for $1.90 an hour) and bought my first 35mm SLR.

I quickly became the school and community photographer and shot most events in the community. I even converted my closet into a darkroom installing a very large Bogen enlarger requiring a hole to be cut in the ceiling of the closet to accommodate the arm of the enlarger. I frequently dominated the bathroom I shared with my sisters with prints dangling on a wire above the bathtub.

I like how I see life when behind the lens of a camera. I love getting lost with a camera and seeing where it takes me creatively. If bodywork is my Zen… Photography is my Art.
United States
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