Gay-Friendly Male Psychotherapists

  • San Diego Therapist and Author
  • I am a California-licensed psychotherapist (LCSW 20738) with a full-time private practice in the Kensington neighborhood of San Diego.

    I have trained in a wide range of psychotherapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, somatic-relational and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

    With twenty years of experience, I bring warmth, practical insight and a healthy sense of humor to my work. I am flexible and creative in addressing a wide range of problems, using a variety of therapeutic techniques and approaches.

    Every person and a couple I see is unique. I enjoy the endless variety of challenges that people bring into my office.

    The scope of my work has changed with time: twenty years ago almost all my work was individual psychotherapy – today, a large part of my practice consists of working with couples.

    I enjoy providing psychotherapy now – at the age of sixty-six – as much as when I was new to the field. To keep fresh, I limit the hours I practice each week, read widely and regularly attend new workshops/training. I experience great satisfaction in helping my clients become the men and women they want to be.

    I enjoy facilitating workshops throughout the United States (for more on that, click on the “Workshops” tab at the top of this page) and I am pleased to write the mental health column “Life Beyond Therapy” for both National and International periodicals.

    “The Gay Man’s Guide to Open and Monogamous Marriage”

    by Michael Dale Kimmel (Author)

    Legal gay marriage is still a relatively new phenomenon.
    As gay men who are now able to get married, we find ourselves in a bit of a quandary: for many male couples, sex is a lot more important for us than it is for heterosexuals. Two married men often have a stronger desire for sex – wanting more of it and with a wider variety of partners – than married opposite-sex couples. How does this work within the structure of a monogamous marriage? Is an open relationship a better structure for gay marriage?

    Assuming that gay marriages will emulate heterosexual marriages is neither a valid nor a helpful assumption. But, as gay men, where does that leave us? There are currently no “rule books” for how a marriage between two men could or should work. While there are lots of books about how to plan your gay wedding, there are virtually none that address what to do after the honeymoon is over (literally and figuratively).

    This book fills that void. It offers married gay couples (and gay men considering marriage) an easy-to-follow, practical framework that they can use to help create, adjust and structure their marriages. Using helpful examples and first-hand quotes throughout, Openly-gay psychotherapist Michael Dale Kimmel offers a roadmap for gay men who want to be married but have questions and concerns about monogamy and monotony.
    Michael Dale Kimmel
  • Life Improvement Specialist
  • Are You?

    Feeling Stressed, Anxious or Depressed?

    Having Relationship Problems?

    Coping with Loss, Trauma, Emotional Struggles?

    Dealing with Illness?

    Do you want to Achieve Your Goals, Feel more Fulfilled and Abundant in Your Life?

    I Can Help You

    I can help you identify what is causing you dissatisfaction and help you work through your specific challenges. You CAN feel better, and enjoy your life more!

    We will work together to help you clarify what you want in your life and how to get it.

    If you are looking for someone who is experienced, caring and non-judgmental, please contact me. You will benefit from my 25 years of clinical experience as a specialist in personal and professional life improvement.

    You CAN:

    Feel happier

    Achieve your goals

    Create the life you want

    Feel more abundant in your life
    David KesslerDavid S Kessler. LCSW, DAPA
  • Institute for Personal Growth
  • In the early 1980’s IPG’s founder, Dr. Margaret Nichols, made the decision to devote her psychotherapy practice to serving the gay and lesbian community. She saw that most therapists still lacked understanding of this under-served population, and some still treated being gay as a mental disorder. When she opened her practice, gay-affirmative therapy was rare. Very soon she had more clients than she could handle. In response to this overwhelming need, she assembled a highly-skilled group of therapists, most of whom were gay themselves.

    The Institute for Personal Growth was incorporated in 1983 and quickly expanded, now serving populations of all types, gay and non-gay, all races and ethnicities, and employing a diverse group of therapists with a multitude of skills.

    IPG has evolved in other ways as well. We pride ourselves on staying current in our profession and support our extraordinary staff of therapists in continuing to advance their skills and training. In 1995, our Jersey City office was opened, and in 2001 we opened our Freehold office, all the while expanding our services to all populations.
    IPG test
  • Dr. Payam Ghassemlou is currently in private practice in West Hollywood providing individual therapy. Having over twenty years of extensive training and research in the field of counseling and mental health, Dr. Payam has developed an integrative approach toward helping his clients improve the quality of their lives. Dr. Payam also taught first-year medical students in the Doctoring 1 program at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Here, he instructed medical students on topics related to the patient-centered interview, ethics and professionalism, empathy, cultural sensitivity, and developing communication skills.  Teaching has enhanced his ability to discuss complex psychological factors in an easier to understand fashion. 

    Dr. Payam is a licensed marriage and family therapist (MFC33893). He has a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology as well as a Master of Science in Counseling. He is skilled at providing counseling services and psychotherapy for clients wanting to resolve their life-related difficulties.  
    Payam Ghassemlou Ph.D., MFT
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