Gender Care

North Druid Square, United States, Georgia, Atlanta
Gender Care
I specialize in working with clients who identify as gender non binary, transgender, gender expansive, gender queer, those who aren't quite sure, and perhaps some that I haven't listed here.

Exploring your gender identity is not a sign of mental illness. Though, you may be experiencing some distress and symptoms related to it. For this, many people find gender affirming care highly beneficial.

Sessions may include assessment, exploring your gender identity, as well as affirming care plans related to acceptance and commitment to your gender identity and expression. If affirming medical treatment is a goal of yours, or if you have already begun/undergone treatment (e.g., hormone therapy, surgery), this may require that your primary care provider and I collaborate to a small extent. I regularly write letters for medical treatment (e.g., HRT, affirming surgeries).

Any decisions around your gender affirming care are made collaboratively, and with the highest sensitivity. A care plan may include, if possible, working alongside those closest to you, i.e., intimate partner(s), family members (including those you consider family). As a trained couple and family therapist, I can assist in navigating these tender moments, providing support, resources, and information.

Becoming a therapist has been one of the best decisions in my life. Though, to be honest, I think this work found me. I entered university a poetry major, thinking I'd eventually try my hand at plays and short stories; however, life happened, as it does, pushing me out of formal schooling.

With a journal, my cheap guitar, and a best friend, I spent the next three or so years travelling, working odd jobs, in search for the meaning of life. I eventually returned to study in areas ranging from family development, social policy, communication theory, and Black Feminist literature. I later stumbled into behavioral medicine, met Gregory Bateson's work, studied with Bradford Keeney for two years, and have been enamored with traditional healing ever since.


In the real world, I'm a relational aficionado. I've always been a creative type, musician, and storyteller, but what we do in the therapeutic healing world is much different. It's intimate. Magical. An elegant dance. Occasionally mysterious. Let's face times, it's work.

I'm looking for those who can no longer feel that inner flame. Those who are willing to step with me through the looking glass, ready to change their story.

Is that you?

Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays

North Druid Square is convenient from I-85, Midtown, Downtown Decatur, Buckhead, Brookhaven, and most of Greater Atlanta.

You'll find it to be fairly secluded with plenty of free parking!
North Druid Square
United States
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