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United States, 4808 43rd Place NW, District of Columbia, Washington
Social Anxiety Help
I work collaboratively with clients to help them establish and reach concrete personal goals. I believe that successful psychotherapy is a collaborative effort. As a therapist, it is not my job to cure anyone. Rather, I will offer a variety of resources: strategies, skills, techniques, insights, support, and challenge. I will assist you in applying these resources in your day-to-day life so that you can reach your personal goals. It’ll take work and determination on both of our parts.

It is generally my objective to help train you to become your own personal therapist. In other words, it is my aim that, when we discontinue our work together, you are left with insights, strategies, skills, and techniques that you can continue using on your own to help you reach further goals and handle future problems. (I am also available for “booster” sessions down the road to help you with any new challenges or setbacks you may face after our initial collaboration.)

Most of my work with clients use a very practical, active and results-oriented approach called CBT: cognitive-behavioral therapy (also known as cognitive behavior therapy, or simply cognitive therapy).

United States
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It’s easy to see how young people who sense they are in some way different could come to learn self-destructive core beliefs. For most children and adolescents, different is not good. Being accepted by peers feels essential to young people. For most young people, being different or non-conformist feels good only if their’s is a group of similarly different and non-conforming friends who accept and value them.

Kids who are seen by others as different are frequently teased, taunted and even tormented by those wanting to prove that they are among the accepted ones. Many who are seen as different learn to withdraw in self-defense. Others who privately sense they are different generally do their best to hide their differences in order to avoid being outcast. But inside, they know that there is something unacceptable about their real selves.

Many young people may grow up facing such difficulties: heavy kids, unattractive kids, smart kids, slow learners, low-income kids, minorities, unathletic boys, athletic girls, introverted kids, and kids with any other characteristic that make them stand out.

Young people who sense they may be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) are especially vulnerable to this dynamic of social unacceptability, and the negative core beliefs that often develop as a result.

Most of my work with clients use a very practical, active and results-oriented approach called CBT: cognitive-behavioral therapy (also known as cognitive behavior therapy, or simply cognitive therapy).

During our work together, I help clients discover how your thoughts (self-talk, mental images, and underlying attitudes or core beliefs) affect your mood and behavior. We also look at how your mood and behavior, in turn, frequently affect the way others perceive and behave toward you. This often results in vicious cycles and self-fulfilling prophecies that worsen your mood, self-esteem, and relationships, and make it very hard to get what you want in life.
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